Six female rappers you should be listening to right now


Way back in 2003, Missy Elliott was asked why she hadn’t joined in with that iconic, faux-lesbian love-in between Madonna, Britney and Christina at the MTV VMA Awards. She apparently looked aghast. “No, no, no” she said. “Hip hop would never do that. Never, never, never in a million years.” Well, only 12 years have passed, and guess what? Hip hop…

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A definitive ranking of the outfits from Rihanna’s new video

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 15.39.15

When a music video warns you it contains language, nudity AND violence, you know you’re in for a treat. Rihanna’s new video is here, it’s making us bless the guys that invented YouTube ten years ago and gave music videos freedom to be as totally nuts as this one. Check out the video below, head here for its cult film references, and scroll down…

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Olivia Bee — photography

Olivia Bee is a photographer and director from Portland, Oregon who is based in Brooklyn, New York. She is intrigued by the beauty of everyday life and how the beauty of memories (real or imagined) touches us.

The Gordon Bar New York City

The Gordon Bar, the newly-revamped cocktail lounge in Jason Pomeranc’s Sixty Soho hotel. The upstairs lobby lounge, which used to be Thom Bar, is now very modern and very stylish, outfitted with a wide array of mid-century furniture, a zinc bar, and one of those green walls covered in plants.

Uniqlo is releasing a range of hijabs

Hana Tajima

Uniqlo isn’t widely revered as a fashion pioneer – we’d probably be more likely to visit the store to pick up jeans for our dads – but it’s laid claim to a first. Uniqlo is the first major high street company to create a line of fashionable headscarves and religious wear, designed by young British designer and digital artist Hana Tajima.

Unfortunately UK customers will only be able to order them online, rather than purchase them on the high street.…

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A Monumental Scaffolding of Poplar Wood at Rice Gallery by Ben Butler


Ben Butler (previously) is fascinated by the complex structures that emerge from simple and delicate processes. This phenomena can be found in the elaborate systems produced by ant colonies to human cities, small quotidian actions accumulating into overpowering structures. Unbounded, Butler’s installation on display at Rice University Gallery in Houston, Texas, uses this same idea by assembling over 10,000 pieces of poplar wood into a matrix-like structure. This massive arrangement coalesces into an unexpectedly mesmerizing array of grids that stretch to fill the gallery space.

Butler approached this installation, as he commonly does within his practice, without initial sketches or ideas of what he would like the structure to look like. He played with the materials, discovering configurations on the spot. Although the grids within Unbounded were pre-made in his studio, the way they were configured and connected horizontally was all in response to the space. This way of acting in the present ensured that the structure’s outcome would be organic, and not purely responding to a preconceived shape.

Poplar wood was chosen for the installation because of its malleability and abundance, which gave Butler the ability to fiddle with a material that seemed endless. This idea of endlessness also tied into the title he chose for the piece. Butler wanted the piece to have no defined boundary or vantage point, but encourage the audience to walk around and within the structure, discovering it from all angles.








Butler received an MFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003. He currently lives and works in Memphis, Tennessee and Quogue, New York and has an upcoming exhibition of his sculptures and drawings at The University of Mississippi Museum, Oxford opening in September 2015.

Unbounded will remain on display at Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas until August 28, 2015. (via designboom)

Chie Yoshii — worx

The mythological plays a big role in the imagery of painter Chie Yoshii. Born in Japan, she moved to the US to study at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and she is currently based in LA. Her art plays on fascinating connections between the human and the animal world and a lot of the visuals are surreal, fusing different cultures and historical periods together in an effortless manner.

Why Prada’s new campaign isn’t as sugar sweet as you think

Prada AW15 campaign

Like slightly uncanny 60s debutants, Prada's AW15 campaign girls (shot by Steven Meisel) look dressed for the prom – hair done up in high, bouffant-like ponytails, skin like that of porcelain dolls and two-piece suits in pastel hues reminiscent of a box of macaroons, accessorised with jewel-embellished brooches and hair clips. Starring seven of…

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Prada AW15 campaign Prada AW15 campaign Prada AW15 campaign Prada AW15 campaign Prada AW15 campaign Prada AW15 campaign 
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