Drummer Dario Rossi Uses Buckets, Pans, and Scrap Metal to Make Incredible Live ‘Techno’ Beats

When thinking about how to produce genres of music like techno, industrial, or trance, the first thing that comes to mind is giant sound systems, laptops, emulators and turntables. What doesn’t come to mind is old pots and pans, buckets, chains, and dangerous shards of rusty scrap metal. And yet these are the instruments of choice for musician Dario Rossi who produces some of the most intensely percussive music you could possibly imagine from the hands of a single person.

Born in 1988, Rossi studied at the Accademia Musicale di Ariccia in Rome from the age of 10 before he began to perform with local bands only two years later. He now teaches in Rome and tours frequently, bringing his supernatural drumming performances to public streets around Europe. If you like these three videos, there’s tons more here.




Raica Oliveira in Overheated x Elle France

Overheated — Stunning Raica Oliveira photographed by Gianluca Fontana for Elle France.
raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-01-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-03-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-04-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-05-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-07-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-08-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-09-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-10-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-11-ShockBlast raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-06-ShockBlast

Elle France July 2015
Photographer: Gianluca Fontana
Stylist: Marie Lichtenberg
Model: Raica Oliveira

Trans teen using toilet sparks mass student protest

Lila Perry

Earlier this week, more than a hundred students walked out of class at Hillsboro High School in St.Louis in protest at a the transgender teen’s use of the toilet and locker room. Parents – and those claiming to have students at the school – expressed their discontent.

“There’s a lot of ignorance, they are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are. I think this is pure and simple bigotry,” Lila Perry read more »

China says yes to first gay film

Seek McCartney

In a landmark move, China has approved its first LGBT film for theatrical release without making any cuts to the film. Starring pop singer Han Geng and French actor Jérémie Elkaïm, Seek McCartney will be the first mainstream film to feature a gay relationship.

It took a year of deliberating, but the Chinese-French co-production finally passed all the censors with no interference to the final cut. Writing on Weibo, director Wang Chao called it “a small step for the film…

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Nicki Minaj: feminist icon and art muse

Nicki Minaj

As you’re no doubt aware, the VMAs just happened. In the run-up to the event, Nicki Minaj hit headlines for thinking aloud (and very publicly) about why her video for "Anaconda" didn’t receive a nomination for Best Music Video. Cue Taylor Swift read more »

Bureau Kayser — worx

Bureau Kayser is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Paris. Creative work includes Art direction and graphic design for varied productions in the fields of art, culture and business. The Bureau is interested in research and experimentation to offer unique and contemporary solutions, adapted to every project.

Why does Japan hate vaginas so much?

“Anikola-kawaii 03, Anikola-kawaii 06”, 2009, Ryoko Suzuki

Vaginas in Japan: you’re allowed to have one, apparently, but it’s not recommended that you do much with it, unless you want to end up like 42-year-old artist Megumi Igarashi, who’s been in a battle with the law ever since she uploaded a 3D scan of her junk. Otherwise known as Rokudo Nashiki (“bad girl” in a rough translation), Igarashi’s work is anathema to the Japanese government because she dares to challenge its out-dated and, quite frankly, nuts Obscenity Laws, which are eighteen years…

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“Anikola-kawaii 03, Anikola-kawaii 06”, 2009, Ryoko Suzuki “Make me bigger” (performance), 2014, Chan Mei Tung “Loudspeaker (Temple)”, 2005, Yuk Kin Tan  “Manko Chan” figure, Megumi Igarashi  “Yokaman (A Good Vagina)”, 2010 Still from “I'm Good”, 2008, Robot 
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Zaki Hamdani — worx

Pretty fucking sick illustrations by Indonesia artist, Zaki Hamdani. If you like the illustrations of Zaki you can click on the first photos and cop them as a cool poster, iPhone case, pillow, frame etc. ;)